Get more from your Mac with 4 great apps [Deals]


Hyperbolic Software Utility Mac App Bundle
Upgrade your Mac's performance with these highly rated utility apps.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Your Mac is a mighty machine, but it’s only as useful as the apps on it. This bundle of apps offers four different ways to get more out of your Mac, from saving space, to decluttering to printing and beyond.

The Hyperbolic Software Utility Mac App Bundle comes with four great apps:

  • Tidy Up 5 is a duplicate finder that organizes the results based on file types. After you use the app to scan your Mac, you can choose to keep or remove music, images, PDFs, folders and more.
  • Umbrella helps to save space by reporting duplicates the instant they appear, with custom criteria so you can keep duplicates you want.
  • Smart Trash adds several menu options to macOS, like selective file deletion, logging and the ability to empty the trash of specific volumes.
  • Quick Print can print Finder’s selected items without opening the native application, straight from the clipboard. For certain workflows, that can be a huge time-saver.

Buy now: Get the Hyperbolic Software Utility Mac App Bundle for $29.99. That’s 57% off the usual price.