This tool for Mac makes it easy to turn any drawing into an animation.

Get the tools and knowledge you need to create great animations [Deals]


Cartoon Animator 4
Make your creations come to life with this 2D animation software for Mac.
Photo: Reallusion

Animations aren’t just awesome and fun, though they are both. They’re also powerful ways of telling stories, sharing your ideas or promoting your brand. This deal includes all the tools — and all the knowledge — you need to start animating on your Mac.

The Complete Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Mac Bundle is perfect for any aspiring animator.

First, it includes Cartoon Animator 4 Pro for Mac, which makes it easy to bring images and illustrations to moving life. With it, you can take any sketches or renders and give them articulation points so they can move around. Plus, you can easily add lip-sync animation from existing audio, create 3D parallax and other great effects.

Additionally, the bundle includes a set of training videos from 2D Animation 101, an online school that specializes in helping beginners learn animation. With them, you can study 55 lectures covering the basics of the interface and tools, shortcuts, digital puppeteering and more.

Whether it’s for a game, a video or just for fun, you can get creative quickly with the animation tools and lessons in this bundle.

Buy now: Get the Complete Cartoon Animator 4 Pro: Mac Bundle for $69.99. That’s over 50% off the usual price.