Capture burst photos on iPhone with this sweet Camera trick [Pro tip]


Just swipe!
GIF: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Pro-tip-4 Apple took away the ability to hold down the Camera app’s shutter button to capture burst photos in iOS 13, but the functionality is still alive and well. You just need to know this sweet trick to use it.

Capturing burst photos can be incredibly useful when you have a subject that’s moving, such as animals or young children. It greatly increases your chances of getting at least one good image.

In earlier versions of iOS, capturing bursts was as easy as holding down the Camera app’s shutter button. In iOS 13, however, that same gesture captures a short video instead (which can also be useful).

That doesn’t mean burst photos are gone, or that you need to download a third-party camera app to capture them. You just need to know the new gesture, which we’ll teach you in this pro tip.

How to take burst photos on iPhone in iOS 13

First, fire up the Camera app and ensure you’re in Photo mode. Now, rather than tapping or holding the shutter button, drag it to the left of the screen (or to the bottom if you’re in portrait mode) and hold it there.

Hold down your finger to keep your burst going.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Burst images will be captured for as long as you’re holding down your finger. Take your finger off the screen to stop and all your images will be saved to your Camera Roll, where you can select the best one.

It’s also possible to start shooting a video by dragging the shutter button to the right side of the screen (or to the top if you’re in portrait mode). You don’t need to hold down your finger — just tap the stop button when you’re done.

Sadly, the same tricks don’t work in the Camera app on iPad, but iOS 13 didn’t change the earlier burst photo trick there; you can still hold down the shutter button to capture burst images on iPad.