Pick the perfect charger now on sale for all your devices [Deals]


Memorial Day - Charging Deals
Take your pick of four of the best deals on the best charging solutions in the Cult of Mac Store.
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We know what devices we want and need, but not until we have them do we realize our charging situation is lacking. So just in time for Memorial Day, we’ve rounded up four great charging solutions that can address anyone’s needs.

This 27,000mAh portable battery includes a 2 USB-C Hub that can charge multiple MacBook Pros at once.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

AlsterPlus: World’s Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack – 55% off

AlsterPlus is a super powerful battery pack with an integrated USB charging hub. It’s sleek and airline-compliant pack so you can take it anywhere, but with two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, and a truly massive 27,000mAh capacity so you can charge all your devices simultaneously, including high-wattage devices like laptops.

Buy now: Get the AlsterPlus USB-C Battery Pack for $144 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20. That’s 55% off the usual price.

Hypergear Charging Stand
This universal wall charger lets you charge 4 devices at once with 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports.
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HyperGear 3-in-1 Multi-Charger, Holder and Nightlight – 33% off

Keep your everyday electronics plugged in and fully charged with 2 grounded power outlets and 2 USB ports. This 4-device charger includes a wall-mount design so you can set your phone on it to double as a night light. It’s compatible with Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C, useful for all kinds of devices.

Buy now: Get the HyperGear 3-in-1 Multi-Charger, Holder and Nightlight for $16 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20. That’s 33% off the usual price.

Naztech Ultimate Power Station
Charge up to 6 devices at once with this 50W universal, multi-port charging hub.
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Naztech Ultimate Power Station – 33% off

This charger is a beast, built to revive 5 devices via USB-C and one wirelessly. All that can pull from a single AC wall outlet, or from the built-in 4,000mAh battery. With 50 watts of rapid charging power, it’s great for keeping you and your team or travel companions charged up anywhere you go.

Buy now: Get the Naztech Ultimate Power Station for $40 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE20. That’s a 33% discount.

3-in-1 Cables
With Lightning, MicroUSB and Type-C tips, this 2A cable quickly charges 3 smartphones in one go.
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3-in-1 Multi-Charging Cable – 32% off

One cable usually means charging one device. Not with this 3-in-1 Multi-Charging Cable, which can charge a trio of devices all at the same time, and quickly. It includes Lightning, MicroUSB and Type-C ports, so you can charge 3 different kinds of devices. And wIth over 3 feet of length, there’s plenty of flexibility and reach.

Buy now: Pick up a 3-in-1 Multi-Charging Cable for $12 with promo code: SUMMERSAVE. That’s 32% off the usual price.