Summer’s coming — keep your MacBook cool and comfortable while you work [Deals]


Macbook Fans
This cooling pad circulates air and prevents unwanted overheating.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

With the summer months dead ahead, working from home is about to get hotter. Plenty of us are working on the couch with a laptop on our, well, lap, so we could use some help staying cool.

Laptop design improved over the years, but at the end of the day, all of that tech is jam-packed into a thin metal housing. Whether you are using an older machine or running multiple applications in the background, you can prevent overheating by encouraging airflow. Adequate airflow allows laptops to dissipate heat more quickly, cooling down the machine.

Argom’s featured Notebook Base cooling pad circulates around your laptop so that neither it, nor you, overheats. A modern, ergonomic design and adjustable height makes for easy positioning and comfort when using your laptop, at whatever angle works best for you.

The way it works is pretty cool, too. Just connect it to any USB port, and the fans will start spinning. As a bonus, keeping a cooler laptop should increase its lifespan and prevent crashes when the workload gets heavy.

Buy now: Pick up a Laptop Cooling Pad with one large fan and two USB ports or a Laptop Cooling Pad with three fans for $19.99. That’s 20% off the usual price.