Adonit Note-UVC stylus sterilizes your iPad then writes on it


Adonit Note-UVC kills germs. And maybe viruses?
The ultraviolet lamp in the Adonit Note-UVC can disinfect your iPad.
Photo: Adonit

Adonit took its iPad stylus and added a feature perfect for a disease-conscious world: an ultraviolet light. The Adonit Note-UVC can kill the germs and bacteria on your tablet screen, then allow you to take handwritten notes or draw on the iPad.

Adonit Note-UVC kills germs

Tap a button on the side of the Adonit Note-UVC to activate a pair of small ultraviolet lamps. Run these over the tablet’s surface for one minute to kill up to 99% of germs.

Because UVC light is harmful to the eyes, this accessory includes a G sensor power-off mechanism. If the lamps are pointed upward, they’ll shut off.

“With the importance of clean germ-free surfaces being a top priority for consumers in this current climate, we made sure to take the proper steps to craft a product that safely and effectively sanitizes while continuing to be a best-in-class stylus,” said Andre Bradford, Adonit Sales Director of the Americas.

The company makes no promises about this product being effective against COVID-19.However, studies demonstrate that UVC damages the RNA and DNA of earlier coronaviruses, preventing them from reproducing. The same holds true for the types of viruses that cause the flu.

It’s also an iPad stylus

The UVC lamps were added to the Adonit Note, an iPad stylus released last year. That means it offers many of the features of the Apple Pencil, while costing less.

Like the original version, the Adonit Note-UVC is usable for taking notes or drawing. It doesn’t include pressure sensitivity or tilt detection, however.

No Bluetooth connection is required. And this stylus works with a range of recent iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini models.

The Adonit Note-UVC costs $69.99 on its manufacturer’s website. It’s available today.