iOS 15 concept goes minimalist with the Home screen

iOS 15 concept goes minimalist with the Home screen


iOS concept thinks simple, not more complex.
An iOS 15 concept design simplifies the Home screen... and looks familiar.
Concept: Roland Mészáros

When concept designers imagine the future of iOS, they often pack in new features. A new design goes the opposite route, simplifying the look of the iPhone to “keep you focused,” in the words of the artist.

Still, it finds space for some Home screen widgets, which are supposed to debut in iOS 14.

A simple but informative iOS concept

Roland Mészáros calls his proposed design for iOS 15 “a minimalist concept.” That’s especially true on the Home screen.

This emphasizes time and date, and includes a weather widget. But it intentionally makes room for far fewer application icons than the current iOS. “The most important parts of your day at a glance. Only your most used apps up-front. To keep you focused,” said Mészáros.

Clearly, he’s a fan of Android, because this is very similar to the home screen Google created for its operating system.

Mészáros simplified the look of the Lock screen, too. And his iOS concept makes two changes many have long asked for: much smaller pop-up windows for incoming calls and Siri.

Redesigned battery and connection icons are also highlights of this proposal.

iOS 14 is right around the corner

Mészáros may have decided to call this an iOS 15 concept because the official announcement of iOS 14 is expected in just a few weeks. The 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 22, and that’s the traditional venue to show off the next iPhone operating system.

Besides Home screen widgets, other upcoming iOS 14 changes have leaked, too. There will reportedly be a built-in augmented-reality viewer, a list view of apps on the Home screen, iMessage unsend and more. Development on the new operating system is reportedly on track, although Apple engineers are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.