Owners of Sony and Philips HDTVs Reporting Issues With AppleTV


Pop some acid and the above video above will look chromatically normal to you, but as some owners of Sony and Philips brand televisions are discovering, dropping some lysergic bliss is about the only way to get the new AppleTV to play nice with their sets.

According to those reporting the problem, the output from the AppleTV is being altered when it connects to their Sony or Philips HDTV, resulting in all sorts of corruption including the inverted colors seen above or a green tint overcast. Other owners report entirely black screens.

No one’s sure what the cause of the issue is, besides the brand of the television, but the problem was reported as early as the beginning of October. People experiencing the problem are being contacted by Apple engineers, and have been told that a software fix is in progress and should be coming soon.

Me? I don’t see the issue. This would be the perfect way to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey or Altered States.