CleanMyMac X drive-decluttering software finally hits Mac App Store

CleanMyMac X drive-decluttering software finally hits Mac App Store


CleanMyMac X
It took 12 years, but CleanMyMac is on the App Store.
Photo: MacPaw

The popular utility CleanMyMac debuted way back in 2008, but MacPaw is finally bringing it to the Mac App Store all these years later. This will make it easier to find, buy and install.

The developer admits it did only direct sales of this product for business reasons. But the App Store version will also lack some features of the version sold on the MacPaw website for technical reasons.

CleanMyMac X, well, cleans your Mac

CleanMyMac X, the tenth-anniversary edition of this software, includes built-in tools make it easy to rid your macOS computer of large hidden files, old archives and unused apps, and also protect it against malware.

“By entering the Mac App Store, we are excited to make CleanMyMac X available to even more users through their favorite source of trusted and reliable software,” said said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and founder of MacPaw.

A one-year subscription to this MacPaw product is available on the App Store for $39.95.

What’s missing from the Mac app store version

This utility gets down to the nitty-gritty of a Mac, and the direct-sales version offers features that Apple doesn’t allow in applications sold through the App Store.

“The App Store limits privileges of applications to protect your Mac from malicious software, but this approach also imposes unnecessary restrictions on safe activities, like cleaning system logs or even updating applications,” says MacPaw in a statement.

The version of CleanMyMac X in the App Store version lacks the Photo Junk, Maintenance, Updater and Shredder modules, for example. And it had to strip some features out of Smart Scan, System Junk, Uninstaller, Optimization and other modules.