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Nexaira 3G/4G Router Supports iPhone Tethering Without Jailbreak


Nexaira has announced the release and immediate availability of a new 3G/4G router which uses a tethered iPhone to access the internet. Subsequently the iPhone equipped with a carrier tethering plan can be used to supply a shared internet connection to multiple computers or devices. The iPhone doesn’t need to be jailbroken.

The Nexaira Business Class 2 3G/4G Router supports the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. The iPhone is plugged into the top of the router which charges the iPhone while it is tethered. It is the only router that currently supports the iPhone, since none of the popular Cradlepoint devices currently support an iPhone connected via USB tether.

The router is available for $189.99 exclusively from reseller 3GStore.

The device requires that you subscribe to an AT&T iPhone  tethering data plan so if you currently have the unlimited data plan you might consider alternative solutions like iProxy or MyWi.

MyWi requires that your iPhone (or iPad) be jailbroken and I’m told that it works like a charm. According to people  I know if you load it onto an iPad you end up with a very long-lasting Wi-Fi access point.  MyWi only costs about $20 in the Cydia store and jailbreaking is free.

iProxy doesn’t require a jailbreak, but you’ll need a paid iOS developer account or smooch help off of a friend that does in order to use it, access to Xcode, and the iProxy source code. You can install it onto an iPhone or iPad. It works pretty good, but not as good as MyWi or the Nexaira router. Although limited it is free and that can fit just about anyone’s budget.