'It's here!' 2020 iPhone SE preorders hit giddy front doors worldwide | Cult of Mac

‘It’s here!’ 2020 iPhone SE preorders hit giddy front doors worldwide


New iPhone SE owners greet the devices with great fanfare.
Photo: Ellie Dumay

The second-generation iPhone SE began arriving at the front doors of new owners worldwide Friday, even as Apple and carriers began accepting new online orders for the low-cost mobile in selected markets.

Loads of people posted their iPhone SE unboxings on social media Friday. Some apparently did not expect the new mobile for a few more days. While many U.S. customers will receive their new iPhone SE at their doorsteps today, thousands in Europe and Japan already got their hands on the low-cost devices.

Possibly still locked down due to the coronavirus, others seemed almost bemused at iPhone SE’s arrival, posting to Twitter their initial thoughts. This man in France posted, “Hello you! Arrived safely.”

Or a person in Japan who posted a simple, “It’s here!”

Or one man in Japan who spoke for his cat, Hysia, who he says “is happy to have a new mobile phone.” His first reaction to the new iPhone SE was the camera quality. “The image quality is beautiful … I can see the individual hairs [on Hysia] and the flow of hair, and the feeling of fluffiness is amazing and beautiful.”


iPhone SE arrives, more on the way

As the first wave arrives, Apple stands ready to deliver even more of the well-reviewed 2020 iPhone SE. Initial checks of various Apple online stores worldwide by Cult of Mac show all models, all configurations are available for shipping in one to two weeks. Some geographic regions show May 4 to May 12 as the estimated delivery date.

The new phone looks like the iPhone 8 but packs components comparable to the iPhone 11. The 2020 iPhone SE features a high-end A13 Bionic processor, 3GB of memory and a starting price of $399. The 4.7-inch device comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage capacities and black, white or red colors.

Various reports indicate that the 2020 iPhone SE arrives with iOS 13.4 installed. New owners will want to update their new devices immediately. On Thursday, Apple released an iOS 13.4.1 update for ‌iPhone‌ SE and other models. The refresh fixed various problems, including a conflict that blocked devices from logging on to FaceTime calls with other people running an older version of the operating system.