Apple gives kids activities to do to beat the bordom of stay-at-home orders.

Apple draws up fun kid activities to make home-isolation less boring


Apple Education creates fun activities
Boredom begone!
Screenshot: Apple

Apple feels for all the energetic kids getting antsy under stay-at-home orders.

The tech giant released a worksheet with 30 creative activities designed for kids 2-8 but could also be fun for the adults in the house.

As the COVID-19 outbreak became a pandemic, government and health officials banned mass gatherings to contain the virus from spreading. Schools and non-essential businesses closed and most of us retreated indoors to shelter in place.

Apple is fighting many fronts of the pandemic, donating money, masks and building face shield for health care workers. Now, it’s helping kids with the boredom that comes with social distancing and self-isolation.

Apple kids activities

You don’t need to be a family of Apple users to partake, but the instructions for the activities definitely skew toward its devices. The tasks make use of apps like Pages, GarageBand and Camera.

Some of the tasks include capturing a time-lapse video, drawing on a photo of an everyday object to “personify it” using Markup, and recording a news interview with the Audio Recorder in GarageBand.

The four-page PDF, created by Apple Education, also includes downloads for some activities, like a special calendar for a group calendar build and template for scavenger hunts.

Kids might like “Go Back in Time.” Find an old photo, re-create it and apply the black-and-white filter to the new shot to match the old photo as close as possible.

Another is called “Make Skip Counting Fun.” This task makes use of the Audio Recorder in GarageBand and advises “Record yourself skip county bys 2s, 5s, or 10s. Use the fun voice effects to give yourself a monster or robot voice.”

Families can download “30 Creative Activities for Kids” here. If the kids burn through the list of 30 quickly, there are additional recommendations in the “Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide” on Apple Books.