Legend of the Skyfish 2 sends players on a sword and hook adventure

Legend of the Skyfish 2 sends Apple Arcade players on a sword and hook adventure


Legend of the Skyfish 2 debuted today on Apple Arcade
Take up a combat fishing pole in Legend of the Skyfish 2.
Photo: Apple

Pick up your combat fishing pole and battle enemies in Legend of the Skyfish 2, the latest RPG to hit Apple Arcade.

Fans of the grappling hook in Legend of Zelda have a new adventure to try.

Legend of the Skyfish 2 is a twist on a familiar genre

In this game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, players take on the role of the last of the Red Hook guardians to defeat mutant abyssal creatures with a combat fishing pole.

“Using a fishing pole to solve all your problems is surely an unusual idea,” Felipe Cancian Bertozzo, game designer at Mother Gaia Studio, told Cnet. “Players need to approach every aspect of the game in a unique way. Whether they are in combat, solving puzzles or just moving around, players will be hooking, pulling, grappling and hacking with their fishing pole.”

Legend of the Skyfish 2 features a hand-painted 2.5D world. The developers promise “gorgeous landscapes and mysterious dungeons.“

Players can choose between three weapon types: sword, hammer and scythe. They’ll need to collect materials to craft their own weapons and armor, then engage in epic boss fights.

Legend of the Skyfish 2 is suitable for players 9 and up, but offers a range of difficulty levels for adults looking for a challenge. It’s a single-player game, and supports external controllers, including some Xbox and PS4 models.

Now part of Apple Arcade

Crescent Moon Games released Legend of the Skyfish 2 Friday, April 3  on Apple Arcade, a subscription gaming service. While this costs $4.99 a month, it comes with over 100 other games. And there are no other costs. Apple bans ads, in-app purchases and loot boxes in this service.