Amazon Prime Video finally embraces in-app purchases on iPhone and Apple TV


Amazon Prime Video is ready to play nice with Apple users.
Photo: Amazon

Amazon is making some huge changes to how it handles rentals and movie purchases for its Prime Video app on Apple devices.

Starting today, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users can rent or buy movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video without being directed to a website first to avoid Apple’s tax on in-app purchases.

“Browse, rent, or buy new release movies, popular TV shows, and more — now within the app,” reads a message that greets users when you open the Amazon Prime Video app.

Amazon avoided offering in-app purchases in the Prime Video app for years because Apple takes a 30% cut when users buy something through an iOS or Apple TV app. Spotify avoids the 30% fee by directing users to subscribe through its website. It looks like Amazon is still avoiding the 30% cut by just using the credit card you have on file with the company.

It appears that Amazon hasn’t raised prices on its movie and TV show rentals and purchases. The Prime Video app on iOS now has a store section that promotes popular movies and TV shows to buy. You can also rent movies like Invisible Man and Sonic the Hedgehog, both of which were just in theaters before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down theaters.