Cloudflare’s Warp, a free and fast VPN for Mac, enters beta testing


Cloudflare Warp for macOS
Warp for macOS, now in beta, promises a fast and free VPN.
Photo: Cloudflare

Cloudflare on Wednesday began beta testing a macOS version of Warp, its virtual private network currently offered only on iPhone. The VPN encrypts all internet traffic for the Mac it’s installed on, helping to protect the user’s privacy.

VPNs add security, but are often slow. Cloudflare promises its service is fast. And it’s free.

Warp makes the jump from iPhone to Mac

This VPN service debuted for iOS on April 1, 2019, in the w/Warp application, available on the App Store.

And now it’s headed for desktops and laptops. “We always wanted to build a Warp client for macOS and Windows,” said Matthew Prince, Cloudflare’s CEO. “We started with mobile because it was the hardest challenge.”

This VPN service blocks a computer’s internet provider from knowing which web sites are visited. And Warp encrypts internet traffic, preventing snooping by ISPs and third parties. Cloudflare committed itself to never selling user data.

The basic Warp service, including the upcoming Mac version, is free. But Cloudflare also offers Warp+, a service that promises to speed up internet access by up to 30%.

Sign up to test Cloudflare Warp for macOS

Those interested in beta testing Warp for macOS or Windows can sign up on Cloudflare’s website. The company notes that current Warp+ subscribers will get first dibs on openings in the beta program.

Cloudflare doesn’t have a definite date for when the Mac and Windows versions of its VPN will be available. But those who want some of the benefits now can switch their computer’s DNS server to, which the company runs. Doing so makes it harder for ISPs to track your internet browsing. Mac and iPad users can easily make the swap — Cult of Mac offers a set of instructions. However, iPhone users need Cloudflare’s application.