Developers get first look at watchOS 6.2.5 beta

Developers get first look at watchOS 6.2.5 beta


watchOS 6.2.5 beta 1
Developers can start testing the first watchOS 6.2.5 Beta.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple gave developers their initial watchOS 6.2.5 beta on Wednesday. This will be a “bug fix” update for watchOS 6.2 that launched last week.

No new features in watchOS 6.2.5 beta 1

Apple’s description of the just-released update says, “This beta version of watchOS 6.2.5 contains bug fixes and improvements.“ Given that version number, it’s unlikely there will be any new features included.

Apple Watch users could upgrade to watchOS 6.2 starting March 24. It offers, for the first time, the ability to make in-app purchases on this wearable.

Version 6.2.5 will fix any problems that turn up in this version.

It’s not clear why Apple skipped over versions 6.2.1 through 6.2.4. It may be reserving those numbers for more urgent updates that won‘t go through the beta-testing process.

Always for developers only

Apple Watch isn’t part of the this company’s public beta software program. Pre-release version of system software updates are always reserved only for developers.

This means that can only be installed by those who have paid a $100 annual fee to join the Apple Developer Program.