Minecraft briefly hits the App Store, then quickly pulled


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    Mac people don’t deserve Minecraft. Stick to working on your ‘screenplays’ in Starbucks drinking your 12 dollar double tall half-caf mochacafachinnos.


    Umm, Mac Runs Ten times better then pc, Is just about impossible for a virus to enter without mac terminateing it, And Steve Jobs is ten times cooler then bill gates, Pfft go listen to you zune while im rockin it to the ipod touch Bro!

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  • whatevr

    lol at least i could view this page without comments for like 3 minutes without haveing to view your shitty opinion. btw the only thing good on a mac is the power off button. (no right mouse click….. oh wait we have a 5 button mouse. and it auctualy works instead of “omg mac r awesome i can copy and pastez!!!!1!!one!!111eleven)

  • gakio12

    First, I am angered by the first commenter as it is a useless opinion and has nothing to do with the post, which caused 4 more useless comments. Anyway, I’m sure it would be easy to port Minecraft to iOS or Android. The only thing it takes is getting the controls figured out, other than that it can be played on anything that supports Java.

  • Parliamentarian

    umm to run it on mac all you need to do is download the minecraft.jar file and run it, not that fucking hard lol

  • Parliamentarian

    Ah this was for iphone? my bad :P lol theres an app called mineedit i think which lets you put your world on it form the pc and edit it