T-Mobile now accepts Apple Pay for monthly bills


T-Mobile retail stores already take T-Mobile Apple Pay
T-Mobile retail stores aren’t the only places that take Apple Pay now.
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers who are also iPhone users can now reportedly pay their monthly bill with Apple Pay. This option showed up on the carrier’s website today.

And it can be used to get 3% cash back.

There was no official announcement of the change, but a Redditor noticed the change and posted about it. When a subscriber of this US carrier is paying their monthly bill, there’s now the option to use Apple Pay, the contactless-payment system built into iPhone, Mac, etc.

T-Mobile and Apple Pay already work together. Sometimes

Last autumn, T-Mobile began accepting Apple Pay to make purchases at its retail stores. This system could be used to buy the latest iPhone or iPad, but not for monthly subscription fees.

That reportedly changed today. Even better, if an Apple Card is used as the credit card for Apple Pay, the customers earns 3% cash back.

However, this payment system is still not yet an option to purchase new handsets or tablet’s on the T-Mobile website.