Carriers push ‘Stay Home’ messages to iPhone amid COVID-19 pandemic


Just in case you forget.
Photo: Alexander Sibert

iPhone users in many countries around the world have started seeing “Stay Home” messages from multiple carriers when they disable Wi-Fi.

The message, designed to remind people that they shouldn’t be leaving home during the COVID-19 pandemic unless it’s absolutely necessary, appears at the top of Control Center, alongside the carrier’s name.

Governments in many countries have imposed major restrictions on movement in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. People are being asked to stay at home unless they have a genuine, necessary reason to go out.

To remind customers of that, carriers in many countries are now pushing “Stay Home” messages to their phones.

Carriers remind subscribers to ‘Stay Home’

The message appears alongside the carrier’s name when Wi-Fi connectivity is disabled or lost. So, it should pop up (if you’re looking for it) when you leave the house and are no longer connected to your home network.

You should see the message in Control Center on recent iPhones, as well as on your lock screen and in the Mobile Data section of the Settings app.

The message appears on both iOS and Android devices. Users on Twitter have reported seeing it in a long list of locations, including Belgium, Germany, Greece, India, Turkey, Peru, and Romania.

Via: MacRumors