Add this cute U2-inspired iPod toy to your play list


iBoy stretch goal looks like U2 special edition iPod
This iBoy is red and black to look like the U2 special edition iPod.
Photo: Philip Lee

Of all of Apple’s creations, the iPod is a sentimental favorite. For many, it was their first Apple device.

An iPod-inspired action figure called iBoy could be your gateway to other Apple-inspired toys from Hong Kong toymaker Philip Lee.

His iBoy, the prototype for which was featured in Cult of Mac, is now on Kickstarter. It was funded within the first five hours and is more than 200% funded.

Should it raise another $8,000, Lee will offer a black-and-red model inspired by the iPod U2 special edition.

The iBoy looks just like your classic iPod, except with a face and magnetic limbs. Like Lee’s other Apple-esque toys, the iBoy resembles a friendly robot.

iBoy: An iPod-inspired toy

iBoy iPod toy by Philip Lee is just the right size.
Just the right size.
Photo: Philip Lee

Hence the name of Lee’s company, Classicbots. All of his toys have been funded through Kickstarter campaigns and successfully produced.

Lee made a plush version of the classic Macintosh as well as tangerine and Bondi blue iMacs. But Lee told Cult of Mac that the iBoy remains his favorite.

The red-and-black iBoy boasts a glossy finish and a chrome back.

The iBoy can be had for $37 and, if production is not delayed, will ship in November.