Get to the Choppa! Fortnite update adds helicopters for the first time


Take off today in Battle Royale.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest update lets players take to the skies in helicopters for the first time. The new Choppa can be found in various locations during Battle Royale matches. It joins motorboats as the game’s second vehicle.

Other changes and improvements in Fortnite’s version 12.20 update include the ability to create locker presets, a new Spy Games game mode, and more.

Fortnite has seen a number of terrific vehicles since the first one — the shopping cart — was added way back in season four. But almost all of them, with the exception of the motorboat, have been removed from Battle Royale.

This has made navigating the game’s sprawling map difficult, especially if you land on the outskirts at the beginning of the game. That changes today with the long-awaited arrival of the Choppa.

Fortnite’s Choppa finally lands

The Choppa can be found in regular Battle Royale matches, and you’ll find a number of them located all over the map. Wherever you might have seen a helipad this season, you should find a Choppa there now.

Each one holds up to four players and has 1,500 health, which makes it difficult to shoot down. That’s a good thing for frequent flyers; if your Choppa explodes in mid-air, you will plummet to the ground without a glider.

The Choppa is not equipped with its own weapons, but passengers can hang out and fire their guns at opponents — or other Choppas.

Spy Games

There’s also a new game mode to enjoy this week. Spy Games lets you team up with either the Shadow or Ghost allegiances and complete loyalty missions. The more you complete, the more you will unlock for your faction. Rewards include the heavy shotgun, jet packs, the ability to run faster, and more.

Other changes in Fortnite 12.20

Today’s Fortnite update also brings support for locker presets — another first. You can use them to create and save your favorite outfit, back bling, and pickaxe combinations so that they’re easier to equip later.

A whole host of bugs have been fixed in this release. Epic Games is yet to publish its own patch notes, but we know the following issues have been addressed:

  • Players’ markers being placed too far away
  • Players getting stuck inside the Porta Potty
  • Being unable to place a trap when the trap icon is still loading
  • Some buildings and structures appear in low detail
  • Player unable to resume auto-sprint after stopping

You can download Fortnite 12.20 across all platforms, including iOS and macOS, now.