Apple May Have Removed AirPlay For The iPhone 3G From iOS 4.2 | Cult of Mac

Apple May Have Removed AirPlay For The iPhone 3G From iOS 4.2



One thing’s for sure: iOS 4 hasn’t been very kind to iPhone 3G owners. Not only did the major update end up slowing most iPhone 3G devices to a crawl once installed, but iOS 4.x under the iPhone 3G is missing many of the features like multitasking or GameCenter that other devices get to enjoy.

The good news for iPhone 3G users is that the soon-to-be-released iOS 4.2 update supposedly does a lot to improve the 3G’s sluggishness problems. The bad? Apple’s culling yet another promised feature from 3G owners: AirPlay isn’t coming to the iPhone 3G after all.

The feature pruning was noticed by 9to5Mac, who report that while AirPlay worked on the iPhone 3G in previous betas, the functionality has been removed under iOS 4.2 GM… despite the fact that Apple’s own site says that AirPlay is coming to all iOS 4 devices.

It could, of course, just be an accidental omission, restored in the final iOS 4.2 release… but honestly, Apple’s history pulling features at the last minute from iPhone 3G’s running iOS 4 doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of hope.