What Happens When You Shoot A MacBook, And Other Pictures


Feast your eyes on this beautiful gallery of Apple products destroyed in the name of art. The work is by artist Michael Tompert, whose show opens tonight in San Francisco. But you don’t have to be in California to enjoy the pictures. We have all 12 prints — plus detail shots — in the gallery below.

The photo above, called “Breathe,” shows a 2008 MacBook Air shot with a 9mm Heckler & Koch handgun.

Artist Statement: “12LVE” by digital artist, Michael Tompert, depicts iconoclastic details of devotionals of our culture. This collection is the result of a collaboration with photographer, Paul Fairchild (himself no stranger to the emotion of interrupting interruptive technology), combining high-resolution photography, scanography and self-referential iPhone photography. The images are large scale yet microscopic, providing a canvas for contemplating our relationship with fetish, fashion, freedom and bondage.

1 of 12LVE
Must Have”
2010 iPhone 4
Mode of Destruction: 8 lb Sledge Maul
Photography/Scanography Digital Composite
Digital Pigment Print, 48˝ × 60˝
Face mounted on 1/4˝ Acrylic Glass

2 of 12LVE
“Magic Trick”
2010 Magic Mouse, top view
Mode of Destruction: Handsaw
Photography/Scanography Digital Composite
Digital Pigment Print, 38˝ × 48˝
Face mounted on 1/4˝ Acrylic Glass

  • Marius Suiu

    I have been trying to buy a MacBook for the last 3 years, and I still did not make it, and you are shooting them, like they are some cows!

  • Rob


  • playlistpk

    Wow i think shooting is dangerous.

  • Mustafa A Akbar

    i own a mac but i like your art

  • Fhcuw

    yeah buhu because the macbook is unlike the cows able to feel something
    what if someone shot youre family (theyre just as alive as a cow) would you still cry about a dead macbook? oh and get a job