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Amazon adds HomeKit support to Eero routers


HomeKit comes to Eero.
Photo: Eero

Some of the best mesh-routers on the market is finally adding support for Apple’s HomeKit.

Eero revealed today that its devices can now be added to the Home app on iPhone and iPad. The update allows you to control aspects of the eero routers remotely and also adds extra protections for other HomeKit accessories in your house.

With the new HomeKit update, eero routers can now manage the communications of other HomeKit devices. Permissions are set automatically based on what an accessory needs, but you can manually adjust the settings to your preferences. Eero can firewall devices, stopping them from communicating with other devices on your network and from accessing the internet.

“We believe customers should have not only fast, reliable wifi, but a system they can trust that is secure and private,” said eero CEO Nick Weaver in a statement. “We’re committed to an open, secure, and private smart home and firmly believe customers should be able to use the smart home products they enjoy most, whether they work with Alexa, Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup, Apple HomeKit or all of the above.”

HomeKit is supported on all eero, eero Pro, and eero Beacon devices running eeroOS 3.18.0 or later. You can set up HomeKit integration through the eero iOS app. To get started, go to the Discover tab and choose the HomeKit option. The app will then walk you through adding devices and help you configure security. We haven’t tried it out yet ourselves, but the early response on Twitter has been pretty positive.