Apple will sell ‘customer-installable’ wheel kit for latest Mac Pro


Only Apple can install the Mac Pro's wheels today.
Photo: Apple

Apple plans to sell a do-it-yourself wheel kit for its latest Mac Pro.

Only Apple or an Authorized Service Provider can add the wheels right now, which means you must take the machine in for service if you opted for feet when you first purchased it. A “customer-installable” kit is coming, though.

Adding wheels to your Mac Pro is a $400 “upgrade.” That’s a lot of money on top of the cost of the machine itself — one of Apple’s most expensive computers to date — so many will have skipped this option when purchasing.

But there’s hope for those who really regret choosing a static workstation.

Mac Pro is getting a DIY wheel kit

Buried inside Apple’s new Mac Pro Technology Overview, published on Monday, there’s a section on “Enclosure Considerations.” Within it, Apple confirms that it will make Mac Pro’s wheels available in a DIY install kit.

“The tower enclosure comes standard with feet; wheels are a configurable option,” it reads. “Both feet and wheels are available as a customer-installable kit and therefore can be converted from feet to wheels or vice versa.”

Obviously this kit isn’t available right now, and Apple doesn’t mention when it will go on sale. The company does note, however, that “some options may have delayed availability,” which could explain why we’re yet to see it.

But how much?

It’s also unclear how much Apple will charge for the kit. It costs $400 to have Apple install them for you, but there’s a chance the company will charge a premium for giving customers the luxury of installing them at home.

Apple directs Mac Pro owners to its online store to purchase the kit, which suggests it could be available very soon. In the meantime, check out some of our fun suggestions for Mac Pro wheel kit alternatives.