Get enough charging capacity for your whole family [Deals]


5-in-1 FamilyCharger + 52W Power Supply
Power up all you devices at once with this charger's Lightning, MicroUSB and USB-C connectors.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whenever lots of people gather in one place, the chargers start to feel scarce. Things get even more complicated when people use different makes, models and connection types. Why not sidestep the problem entirely with an all-in-one charging hub?

FamilyCharger offers enough outlets for everybody without creating any clutter. It sports three Lightning, one micro-USB and one USB-C connector, so no matter what devices need charging, you’re covered. And unlike multitip cords sharing a single USB port, FamilyCharger runs copper wires to each connection, so each gets individual power. And at more than 9 feet long, it can adapt to any situation.

Note: If you already own a five-port power supply with 10mm spacing, you can save some cash and just get the multicord bundle.

Buy now: Get the FamilyCharger with cord and charger for $75. Or you can get the multi-cord only for $50.