Totallee starts taking preorders for ‘iPhone SE 2’ case


Possibly the iPhone SE in in a Totallee case.
Is this the iPhone SE 2 in a Totallee case? Maybe, maybe not.
Photo: Totallee

Accessory maker Totallee is so confident it knows the exact dimensions of the upcoming iPhone SE 2 that it went ahead and started taking preorders for a case designed for it.

This takes some serious nerve, as this low-cost handset is still just a rumor. It isn’t expected to be announced before March.

Jump the gun with the Totallee ‘Thin iPhone SE 2 Case’

The case that Totallee has up for pre-order is a mere 0.02-inches thick, and there’s a transparent version, so the iPhone inside is fairly exposed.

This accessory maker apparently thinks the next iOS handset will have rounded edges and a single camera lens with LED flash. From the back and side, the device in Totallee’s images looks quite a bit like an iPhone 7.

But the case-maker doesn’t reveal whether this upcoming model will have an edge-to-edge screen — no images of the front of this model are included on its product page. But earlier rumors indicated the handset will have a Home button, and Touch ID as well.

Exact dimensions aren’t given by Totallee, but analysts with access to sources in Apple’s Asian supply chain indicate the iPhone SE 2 will 4.7-inch display. There will be an Apple A13 processor inside, like the iPhone 11. And 3GB of RAM.

The case maker is calling it the iPhone SE 2, as have most rumors, but we’re so far ahead of the official announcement there’s no way to know if that’s the real name Apple will use. iPhone 9 is another possibility.

Earlier reports have said this model will cost just $399. It’s supposedly going to be a budget offering, significantly cheaper than even the 6.1-inch iPhone 11.

Not the first time for Totallee

“Totallee has a track record of releasing correct cases pre-launch for the past 7 years,” noted a company spokesperson.

For example, it began taking orders for iPhone 11 cases in August of last year, a month before this model was unveiled. And now they’re so sure they have the right dimensions for Apple’s next handset there’s a money back guarantee on all preorders.