One carrier is already accepting ‘iPhone 9’ preorders


But does it mean anything?
Photo: MySmartPrice

At least one carrier in South Korea has already started accepted preorders for the rumored “iPhone 9.”

Korea Telecom (KT) has plastered posters and banners all over one store that suggest a new Apple handset will arrive immenently. But the picture it is using to depict the device looks awfully familiar.

iPhone 9, or whatever Apple officially names it, could well be one of the first products Cupertino unveils in 2020. Recent reports have suggested it has already entered trial production ahead of its arrival.

Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities has also predicted that a more affordable iPhone will launch during the first half of this year. And KT wants its customers to know it’s on the way.

‘iPhone 9’ preorders already?

A report, backed by images, from MySmartPrice reveals at least one KT store is already taking preorders for a handset it calls the iPhone 9. And it is using what looks like a red iPhone 8 to advertise it.

Now, all rumors point to this handset adopting iPhone 8’s design. So it’s not too surprising that it looks awfully familiar. But it also suggests that KT is just jumping the gun here, as opposed to having concrete information that confirms a new iPhone is weeks away.

It’s probably best we don’t read too much into this move, then. Although it’s possible Apple has told carriers that a new iPhone is right around the corner, it is highly unlikely that one privy to that information would upset Apple by shouting about it before it is official.

KT offers Galaxy S20, too

KT is also taking preorders for the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Buds+ wireless headphones, which are expected to get their official unveiling at a Samsung Unpacked event on February 11.

It is using what appears to be a fan-made render to advertise the phone. Which again suggests this is all based on rumors rather than fact.

We are confident that a new low-cost iPhone is coming this spring, thanks to so much information from so many sources. But we’ve also been warned that the coronavirus epidemic could delay it. Don’t let KT’s marketing efforts convince you it is ready for launch.