Apple TV+ poaches streaming video expert from Netflix


Apple TV+ has a growing amount of content
Apple nabbed a Netflix high-level engineer with years of experience.
Photo: Apple

Ruslan Meshenberg made the jump to Apple TV+ after leaving Netflix, a top rival of Apple’s new streaming service. As the former VP of Productivity Engineering, he brings years of experience to a platform that’s still getting off the ground.

While a Netflix VP, Meshenberg was resposible for implementing tools needed to ensure fast and consistent video streaming for customers. He’s expected to do the same for his new employer.

His LinkedIn profile lists him as an Engineering Leader at Apple, but doesn’t yet include any details. He started this month.

Apple TV+ seems bug free

Since Apple TV+ launched in the fall, it’s experienced no significant technical problems, but is still only getting off the ground. Currently, there are less than a dozen series and a handful of movies available to subscribers.

Looking ahead though, Apple is adding to its catalogue before the middle of this year, and there’s plenty more series, films and documentaries in development. Especially if the company ends up buying MGM.

Meshenberg will likely have a big role in ensuring that this streaming video service is ready for growth coming in the next few years.

Via: Wall Street Journal