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Apple TV+ popularity might surprise you


First 3 episodes of crime drama Truth Be Told debut on Apple TV+
“Truth Be Told” on Apple TV+ was the fourth most popular streaming show to debut last quarter.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ shows are drawing plenty of attention, according to a market-analysis firm. Six of the ten most popular streaming series premiering last quarter were reportedly made by Apple.

Yesterday, CEO Tim Cook said “Apple TV+ is off to a rousing start,” but he and other Apple executives declined to give hard numbers on subscribers for its video streaming service that debuted in the fall. But Parrot Analytics shared its own figures with Business Insider. The iPhone maker introduced more popular shows in Q4 2019 than Netflix, Disney+, or other streaming rivals, according to these analysts.

Apple TV+ dominated the top 10 new streaming shows

Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told stood as the fourth most popular streaming show to debut last quarter, followed by Servant, See and For All Mankind in the fifth through seventh places. Dickinson came in at ninth place, while The Morning Show was the tenth most popular new streaming show in Q4.

Netflix’s The Witcher topped Parrot Analytics’s chart for streaming shows premiering in the fall, followed by The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.  Harley Quinn on DC Universe stole third place.

This market-analysis company can’t rank TV shows’s popularity simply by viewership because streaming services generally don’t reveal how often their shows are watched. Instead, Parrot Analytics tracks interest in programs through social media posts and likes, the number of times video files are pirated, and similar methods.

Also, note that this list contains only shows that premiered in Q4 on a streaming service. Nothing that debuted on broadcast TV or cable was included. And the shows weren’t compared to already-established series.