Rocket League will drop support for macOS in March


A reminder macOS is no good for gaming.
Photo: Psyonix

Rocket League developer Psyonix today confirmed it will drop support for macOS (and Linux) in March.

Players will need to switch platforms to continue enjoying the game — or play without its beloved online multiplayer. The move could be a blow to Apple’s rumored plan to enter the desktop gaming market.

Rocket League made a huge impact when it first arrived on PlayStation back in 2015, thanks mostly to its unique gameplay. It mixes soccer with rocket-powered race cars for an addictive, action-packed multiplayer experience.

The game has been lauded by fans and critics, and it has picked up countless awards. It also has a huge esports presence more than three years after its release. But it’s nearly the end of the road for Rocket League on Mac.

Mac ‘no longer viable’ for Rocket League

“As we continue to upgrade Rocket League with new technologies, it is no longer viable for us to maintain support for the macOS and Linux (SteamOS) platforms,” reads a blog post published today by developer Psyonix.

“As a result, the final patch for the macOS and Linux versions of the game will be in March.”

That update will remove all online functionality from the game — including online play and in-game purchases. Offline functionality, like the ability to play local and split-screen matches, will remain.

This will force Rocket League fans onto other platforms (Windows or consoles) if they want to continue enjoying the best aspects of the game.

Sad news for gamers on macOS

The news will be a disappointing blow to gamers who use macOS. It could also be worrying news for Apple if rumors surrounding its plans for a brand-new gaming Mac are to be believed.

It’s yet another reminder that macOS isn’t a serious contender in the gaming space, and that Apple faces an uphill battle if it hopes to convert desktop gamers way from their familiar and flexible Windows PCs.

Psyonix isn’t offering refunds for Rocket League players who purchased the game on macOS. But it does remind them that they have the ability to download the game again on Windows at no extra charge.

That means you can use Boot Camp to continue playing Rocket League on your Apple computer. “Boot Camp is not something Psyonix officially supports,” the company said, but there’s no reason why it won’t work.