Power tool battery adaptor is a clever backup for iPhone charging

Handy adaptor charges iPhone, camera gear on power tool battery


connects to a DeWalt battery
A power tool battery to charge your iPhone? It's possible.
Photo: Kessler

There is an entire tech economy around battery life. There are the batteries themselves, chargers both corded and wireless and emergency sources of power that plug into gadgets about to die.

Finally, someone has come up with an adaptor hub that connects to power tool batteries.

The Mag Max 3A Battery Adapter by Kessler was made to fit batteries for the ubiquitous DeWalt power tools.

Power tool batteries might not be your first choice to charge your gear. Kessler accessorizes the filmmaking industry and saw a need for sets where cameras and DeWalt power tools play staring rolls.

The adaptor accepts DeWalt 20v Max and 60/20V Flex volt batteries. The 3 amp adapter is capable of powering DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, monitors, audio recorders and other accessories.

Kessler adaptor for DeWalt batteries
Useful on the set of your next film.
Photo: Kessler

It hosts a 5V USB port for charging and iPhone or iPad, a regulated 14.4v 3A p-Tap, LEMO 2 pin and a 5.5 mm X 2.1 mm power jack.

Kesseler is offering the adaptor for $199.99 for a limited time, which is $50 off the eventual price.

Source: PetaPixel