This website building app is easy and quick to use.

Building responsive websites is easy as stacking blocks [Deals]


Blocs for Mac
Create responsive websites, no coding required thanks to easy-to-use web design software.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s no end to the reasons you might want to build a website, but there’s also no end of challenges in getting one off the ground. But with the right website builder, you can get a sleek, responsive website up and running without a single line of code.

Blocs Website Builder is a fast, easy-to-use, and powerful visual web design platform. The workflow is as easy as stacking blocks, which represent pre-defined sections so you can quickly build fully-coded pages. The intuitive visual styling controls respect hierarchy and structure, and deliver a more user-friendly design experience without undermining code quality. Add slick animations, custom fonts, third-party CMS integration, sitemaps, and a lot more.

Buy now: Get Blocs 3: Website Builder for Mac for $39.99. That’s 60% off the usual price.