Use biofeedback to stay in a productive flow state with this smart device [Deals]


Foci Wearable
Understand your mind as you work and improve on 4 types of focus with this cognitive biometrics app and accessory.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s possible for anybody to cultivate focus and mindfulness, with the right help. Some take up meditation, or yoga, or chanting, but technology also offers a way to train your mind.

FOCI is like a FitBit for your mind. It takes the form of a little accessory that clips to your waist. Through biofeedback, it measures your cognitive states, then offers feedback through your phone so you can regain your focus, and make decisions that make the most out of your frame of mind. On your phone will appear a series of colored orbs to represent each state, so you can basically see your mind and understand yourself better. Lose focus, and the Mind Orb switches color right away. Additionally, you can review your cognitive states at the end of the day, down to the minute. Customize the nudges you get and sharpen your focus with the attention tuner and breath pacer features.

Buy now: Get a FOCI: Focus-Boosting Wearable for $69. That’s 42% off the usual price.