Sengled smart bulbs get even smarter with Apple’s HomeKit automation system


Sengled Smart Hub now has HomeKit support
With HomeKit support, give Siri commands to the Sengled Smart Hub to pass on to smart bulbs.
Photo: Sengled

CES 2020Accessory maker Sengled added support for Apple’s HomeKit to its smart home hub. This enables iPhone users to control Sengled’s smart bulbs through Siri commands.

The company also added to its lineup of smart home products with new lights and a smart plug.

“From giving you peace of mind while on vacation, to using voice assistants like Siri to control your lights, to adding a cool trendy feel to your home, our products make it easy for someone buying their first smart lights, and are yet powerful enough for a seasoned technologist,” said Johnson Shen, Sengled CEO.

Sengled smart bulbs with HomeKit use a two-hub solution

Apple’s HomeKit requires a hub. This can be an Apple TV, HomePod, or an old iPhone. Many HomeKit-compatible accessories connect directly to this hub, but not all.

Some companies, including Sengled, add their own hubs to talk to HomeKit hubs, though allows their accessories to be simpler and often less expensive. Until the update announced at CES 2020, the Sengled Smart Hub couldn’t communicate with a HomeKit hub. But that changed today.

There is an iOS app to communicate with the hub, but this doesn’t support Siri commands. That requires HomeKit.

In addition to Apple’s automation system, the third-generation Sengled Smart Hub ($29.99) enables users to connect to over 64 smart lights and accessories.

Additional Sengled smart bulbs

Also as CES 2020, this company added an Edison Filament Bulb (2pk, $29.99) to its line up of smart home accessories, and Smart LED E12 Candle Light Bulbs ($24.99) as well.

Beyond lighting, Sengled launched a Smart Plug ($19.99) with Energy Monitoring to convert traditional home appliances into smart devices.

Source: Sengled