Nanoleaf’s new HomeKit lights are so smart they learn your routine


Nanoleaf Learning Series
The Nanoleaf Learning Series seeks to make your home not just smart but also intelligent.
Photo: Nanoleaf

The upcoming Nanoleaf​ Learning Series home-automation products are designed to learn users’ needs and react proactively. These smart switches and smart bulbs support Apple’s HomeKit, so they can be controlled from an iPhone, too.

Nanoleaf goes beyond HomeKit

“With the Learning Series, we’re creating a truly intelligent lighting system that learns, senses and reacts, so that your lighting simply works as you need it to, and rarely require any adjustments,” said Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf. “We believe this is what will define smart lighting of the future.”

The company’s U-IQ Technology combines a network of sensors and a proprietary algorithm to learn from the user’s behavior to provide the right light, when and where it’s needed.

All Nanoleaf‘s products support HomeKit, the home-automation system built into iOS, so users can set up their own routines, or trigger changes with Siri commands. But the goal is for the Learning Series series to not need these very often. “At Nanoleaf, we don’t believe people want to spend time configuring schedules, opening an app or even use voice commands. So we asked ourselves, ‘what should smart lighting actually feel like?’” said Chu.

Hexagonal lighting panels too

Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons
Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons can create decorative patterns.
Photo: Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf already makes small triangular and rectangular lighting panels that can be configured into shapes that both light a room and decorate it. Today it pre-announced a hexagonal version. These will launch in the summer.

All these home automation products will be unveiled at CES 2020 next week, but the collection includes smart wall switches, remotes and bulbs. Prices are not yet available.