Artist Finds Home in Real Life Apple OSX Icon


At home on the road with the OSX icon.
At home on the road with the OSX icon.

You might consider yourself at home with your Apple computer, but Johannes P. Osterhoff went so far as to build himself this little abode mimicking the OSX Home icon.

It’s the latest project from the eclectic Osterhoff — Cult of Mac last caught up with him for his iPhone William Tell 2.0 project — who built the mini-home, complete with door, shutters, and chimney then wore it around over the summer.

He shares with us the blueprints for making this Apple icon come to life and how carrying a house on your back can be the ultimate ice breaker.

Plans for a really iconic house.

Like every good building, the mini-icon house started out on the drawing board with detailed plans.

Osterhoff used nubby wallpaper to mimic plaster, added a solid door (security!) and painted the shutters to look just like the Apple home icon on his computers. It took a couple of weekends — plus legwork to find that wallpaper and about €200 ($280 circa) total.

Straps on the back make it wearable icon art...

Then added a pair of backpack straps to his Apple home and hit the road.

“Last summer I took “Home, Sweet Home” to various places. This is why I made a two straps on its back. They are useful to take it rucksack-like from exhibition to exhibition. When I carry it around, I usually get to know a lot of people.”

Is that the Woz outside?

Who says being geeky doesn’t get you attention?