Apple starts shipping first Mac Pro orders


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You might be better off with iMac Pro instead.
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You will soon have something to show for that $5,999+ you just handed over to Apple. The first Mac Pro orders have today started shipping out to customers. Deliveries are scheduled to begin this Friday, December 13.

It feels like we’ve been waiting an age for the all-new Mac Pro. Apple previewed the machine at WWDC back in June, which isn’t too long ago. But it first told us it was coming way back in April 2017.

Now, just two days after Apple began taking orders for its most powerful computer yet, the 2019 Mac Pro has finally started shipping.

2019 Mac Pro on its way

Customers report they have received shipping notifications. Those who are really lucky will receive their new machine tomorrow, while others have been told theirs will arrive Monday, December 16.

Apple initially stated that deliveries would take place one to two weeks after purchase, so this is well within that timeframe. But if you order a 2019 Mac Pro today, you’ll be waiting until December 31 at the earliest.

The new desktop is Apple’s most customizable — and arguably its most exciting — computer in years. It gives users the ability to upgrade key components, like graphics cards, memory, and more.

Prices start at $5,999 for the base model. But if you add every available upgrade when you order, that figure skyrockets to a jaw-dropping $53,000. And yet, it’s not Apple’s most expensive Mac ever.

2016 Mac Pro is no more

The arrival of the 2019 Mac Pro means the “trash can” model, last updated in 2016, is no more. It was supposed to be the future of the pro desktop, but big limitations meant it ended up an embarrassing flop.

You can no longer order the 2016 Mac Pro directly from Apple. Third-party resellers will continue to offer it while supplies last, and you should find some big discounts on remaining stock very soon.

Have you received your Mac Pro shipping notification yet?

Via: MacRumors