Macintosh floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs would make a pricy holiday gift


This 3.5-inch Macintosh floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs is up for auction.
Steve Jobs signatures are rare, and this one is on a nice piece of Apple memorabilia.
Photo: RR Auctions

Rare Apple computers made in the 1970s sell for amazing sums, but a bit of company memorabilia is up for auction at a price an average Mac fan might be able to afford. Which isn’t to say that a 3.5-inch disk signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is expected to go for cheap.

Macintosh floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs can be yours

RR Auction just posted this auction listing: “Macintosh System Tools Version 6.0 floppy disk, signed in black felt tip, ‘steve jobs.’ In fine condition, with slight brushing to the ink.”

This is a rare item because Jobs rarely signed memorabilia, even when asked. “Jobs was a reluctant signer, always maintaining that Apple was a team effort,” said Daniel Wade, of Palo Fraser Collectibles.

Tricia Eaton from RR Auctions did an in-depth, almost letter by letter, analysis of Steve Jobs’ signature based on earlier examples handled by the company. The auction house describes the floppy disk up for sale now by saying, “As a piece of Apple’s iconic Mac OS software, boasting Jobs’s elegantly stylish lowercase signature, this is a museum-quality piece of computing history.”

Get out your checkbook

The auction is going on now, and bids are being accepted until Wednesday, December 4, at 7 p.m. EST.

RR Auctions estimates this Macintosh floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs will sell for at least $7,500.

While hardly lunch money, that pales in comparison to the $477,670 (371,250 pounds) paid for a rare Apple-1 with original documentation sold at Christie’s this spring.