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Abode Iota becomes first home security system with HomeKit


Abode Iota is a security system by itself
Building your smart home is about to get a whole lot easier.
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Abode finally scored HomeKit certification for its Iota home security hub. This allows iPhone and iPad users to arm and disarm the system, get alerts, and access the video feed coming from this gateway. Even better, sensors connected through this hub can also be controlled via HomeKit.

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“As of today, any Abode-branded door/window sensors, any Abode-branded occupancy sensor, and any Abode-branded motion sensors purchased after December 2018 paired to your Iota will be automatically added to the Home app when you add your Iota,” promises Carter Main from the company’s marketing department.

Abode is working to get HomeKit certification for its Gen 2 and Gen 1 gateways as well. And it won’t stop there: “If you currently do not use our Iota gateway, don’t fret, we’re working with Apple to bring HomeKit functionality to our entire ecosystem,” according to Main.

HomeKit is Apple’s home-automation system. It’s built into iOS and iPadOS, and includes Siri support. Users can use this voice-control system to arm or disarm their Abode security system.

Iota is a security system by itself

The Abode Iota offers a built-in HD camera, motion sensor, 93db siren, and two-way voice. It can be connected to Wi-FI or Ethernet.

For $249, it comes bundled with a door/window sensor and a key fob.

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Adding HomeKit support to your Abode Iota

A firmware update adding HomeKit went out today. Abode suggests installing the most up-to-date version of its iOS app. This will prompt you to update your firmware. Then you need to navigate to Settings within the Abode app to generate a HomeKit code.

Source: Abode