Meet the world’s biggest Apple fans in new Cult of Mac book


The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition takes another deep dive into Apple fandom.
The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition takes another deep dive into Apple fandom.
Photo: No Starch Press

Apple fans run on their own colorful OS that seems nearly impossible to hack. This growing subculture is worthy of study — and a place on your coffee table! You can get to know some of the world’s biggest Apple fans, thanks to the rich stories and colorful photographs in The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition, by Leander Kahney and David Pierini.

The book, which hits stores Dec. 17, is much more than an update to Kahney’s 2006 book, The Cult of Mac (which gave this blog its name). Now available for preorder from Amazon, the second edition is a companion volume crammed with new stories and pictures. All told, they paint a picture of a uniquely devoted community.

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An Apple book with an innovative design

The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition: To understand Cupertino's reach, meet some of the fans and creatives who stand by Apple devices
Meet some of the fans and creatives who stand by Apple devices.
Photo: No Starch Press

“We published the first edition … and it was a huge hit,” says Bill Pollock, founder of No Starch Press, which published both books. “Like the first edition, this completely new edition delivers a picture of Mac fandom unlike any other — inside and out.”

For the second edition, the No Starch Press designer went straight for Apple fans’ hearts. The innovative cover design makes the The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition look like a MacBook Pro.

New book showcases Apple culture

The period between the two Cult of Mac books proved a time of seismic change for Apple. Revolutionary devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch appeared as if by magic, conjured by Cupertino’s geniuses. And, of course, we endured the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. His legacy is not just reflected in Apple’s visionary products, but in paintings, sculpture, a Grammy-winning opera and tattoos of his face on the calves and forearms of grateful fans.

Meanwhile, Apple’s singular focus on the future created a gap in technology history. To fill it, a huge community of vintage tech collectors and Apple-related museums popped up in places like the Czech Republic, a small town in Italy and a suburb outside Atlanta.

Preorders open for The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition

These days, people remain willing to stand in line for days outside Apple Stores on the eve of product launches. And Apple fans still show their devotion in many strange and wonderful ways. (Who is that person with a Steve Jobs body pillow, BTW?)

All is revealed in The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition. The book retails for $39.95 and is a must-have accessory for any Apple fan.

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