Facebook Whale is a brand-new app for … making memes?


Yup. Just for making memes.
Photo: Facebook

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly dislike Facebook any more, the social networking giant has started rolling out a brand-new app dedicated to making memes.

Whale (that really is its official name) makes it easy to add text and special effects to your images. You can then share them instantly to other Facebook apps, including Messenger and Instagram.

There are countless apps that let you quickly and easily create memes on mobile. But Facebook thinks we need another one. It just started rolling out Whale — but only in Canada for now.

Whale, built by the New Product Experimentation Team inside Facebook, does exactly what you would expect from a “meme creator.” But it does have one nice advantage.

A new whale to make memes on mobile

Whale promises “no distractions, no hidden subscription pricing.” Unlike a lot of other image editing apps, you won’t have to pay up to unlock certain features, or to continue using the app after one week.

The free download lets you add text, effects, and use tools to edit your images. You can import your own, or choose from a library of stock photos included with the app.

You will find a number of different canvas layouts to choose from inside Whale, which are great for collages. There’s also a freeform draw tool, and a bunch of stickers and emojis.

The hot new fire dank memes (I don’t know what any of that means) you create can be saved to your camera roll for later, or shared directly to social media or messaging apps.

Will Whale roll out globally?

Whale is available to download from the App Store now if you live in Canada. It’s not yet clear when it will be available in other markets — or if it will ever expand its reach.

Facebook told Cult of Mac traitor Alex Heath of The Information that apps created by its NPE Team “could be shut down quickly.” They are intended to help Facebook find out what people like.

In other words, if Whale is a runaway success it could have a future — and make its way to other markets. If it’s a flop, this is probably the last time you’ll ever hear of it.