Slickwraps Skins bring style to plain AirPods Pro


Slickwraps Skins for AirPods Pro
Retro, snakeskin and camo are just a few of the Slickwraps Skins available for AirPods Pro.
Photo: Slickwraps

Although AirPods Pro still come only in white, users can add color with Slickwraps Skins. These are thin layers of vinyl that decorate not just the in-ear headphones but also the case, and there are dozens of options.

They’re available now for under $20.

And they aren‘t only for the new AirPods Pro — there are plenty of options for the originals too.

Slickwraps Skins come in colors and patterns

Plain white AirPods have become an iconic look, but many people would prefer something more colorful. Skins are available in red, blue, green, orange, magenta, purple, black and more.

And that’s just the beginning. There are also many patterns, like camo and fake wood, stone and snakeskin. Those whose first Mac was in the 1980s can appreciate the Retro Series.

Slickwraps Skins for AirPods Pro sell for $18.64. The ones for original AirPods are $18.85.

For your iPhone, iPad, Mac and more

iPhone users should feel left out. There are Slickwraps Skins for virtually every product Apple makes. That includes MacBooks, iPhones, and Apple Watch.

There’s even options for the Apple Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil.