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The world moves at lightning speed. There’s more content created now than at any other point in human history. Valuable information whizzes past so quickly it’s nearly impossible to even identify it all, let alone consume and internalize it.

So with all that going on … how do you possibly find time to read?  And we don’t mean pulpy bestsellers, either. We’re talking about the latest in business strategy and training to stay abreast of what’s taking the corporate world by storm and how you can use that knowledge to advance your own career.

You mainline it, of course. gathers the latest books on business, wealth management and similar topics. Then, it distills them into hyper-concentrated, 12-minute summaries that impart all the writings’ most critical lessons in a fraction of the time it takes to read the whole book. It also offers ultra-concise summaries of the all-time most important biz books every written.

The library currently includes more than 300 honed summaries of current hits and classic reads like Steve Jobs, Made to Stick, Rework, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, To Sell Is Human, Hooked, Leaders Eat Last, Sapiens, Creativity, Inc. and 10% Happier.

Each professionally curated summary boils down the work to its true essence. The snippets present the books’ key ideas and tips for quick and easy consumption. The ultimate goal? To help users attack specific business problems like productivity, management, sales conversions and more. There are even animated videos to help bring your top takeaways into sharp focus.

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