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Need to focus? This smart meditation app will help you find your zen [Deals]


Aura App
Believe it or not, your phone can actually become a tool for greater focus, mindfulness and peace of mind.
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Instead of a source of distraction and stress, what if your phone could actually become a tool for staying mindful and relieving stress and anxiety?

The Aura Health meditation app provides short mindfulness exercises every day, straight from your phone. And, unlike most meditation apps, it uses machine learning to tune into your specific patterns and needs.

Daily reminders to stop and breathe mean your phone actually becomes helpful in staying present and calm, which is pretty cool. Meditations come in three-, seven- or 10-minute sessions, depending on your preference. And Aura Health is not just about meditation. It also serves up also life coaching sessions, stories and music, so you get several options for unwinding.

After you’ve used it for a while, you can get insights into your mood and its patterns, with visual aids so you can guide yourself to a better headspace. When you find a meditation you want, you can save it for later. It’s like a playlist for peace of mind — one that’s earned a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on the App Store.

Buy now: Get a year of Aura Premium for $39.99. You can also get three years for $59.99. Or get a lifetime license for $79.99. That’s 57% off, 78% off and 83% off the usual prices.