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Join the dark side with OtterBox’s Star Wars iPhone cases


OtterBox Star Wars iPhone cases
What would the Star Wars saga be without droids and Kylo Renn?
Photo: OtterBox

An addition to OtterBox’s Star Wars iPhone cases celebrates Kylo Ren wearing his helmet again, while a second salutes the droids that are so important to these films.

These two join cases with more than a dozen other designs from Lucasfilm’s ongoing sci-fi saga.

Trailers for The Rise of Skywalker show Kylo Ren back in his Darth Vader-esque helmet, and that’s how he’s portrayed on OtterBox’s latest. For those who prefer the light side, the new Droid Scramble case has R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, and even Dio from the upcoming movie.

More Star Wars iPhone cases

Previous designs feature Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon, Rey, Darth Vader and other familiar Star Wars characters.

The cases are from OtterBox’s Symmetry Series, and offer a balance between protecting the iPhone inside while still being relatively slim and sleek.

The iPhone X and XS versions of these cases are $55.95, while the iPhone 8/iPhone 7 versions are $45.95. OtterBox doesn’t yet have anything in its Galactic or Solo series for the new iPhone 11 models.

Those who prefer Avengers should check out OtterBox’s iPhone cases with Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, and more.