iOS 13.2 leaks details on upcoming ‘AirTags’ and iPhone 11 battery cases


Tile pro pack
Apple is getting ready to do battle with Tile.
Photo: Tile

Details of at least two unreleased Apple products may have been spilled by Apple’s big iOS 13.2 update that came out to the public this morning.

Apple has been rumored for months to be working on Bluetooth tracker tags similar to Tile’s. The official unveiling of Apple’s tracker could come by the end of the year, but references in iOS 13.2 may have just revealed its name.

9to5Mac found references to ‘AirTags” inside a folder within the filesystem of iOS 13.2. There folder doesn’t have any details on the features, but it looks like the AirTags will have a removable battery because there are two references to Battery Swap videos that will be part of the UI.

Also included in iOS 13.2 are three images of new battery cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The case images found by Macrumors look pretty similar to the battery cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

There’s no word on when Apple plans to release the new cases or AirTags. We assumed AirTags would have been revealed at the September iPhone keynote but Apple didn’t even tease them. The company announced the new AirPods Pro this morning and is also expected to announce a new 16-inch MacBook Pro soon so we could get a bunch of quiet product launches as the Holiday shopping season inches closer.