Skype 2.8.x for Mac Doesn’t Work On New MacBook Airs



If you’re a regular user of Skype and you’re considering picking up a MacBook Air, be warned: for some reason, Skype version 2.8.x just does not want to play nice with Apple’s new, wafer-thin notebook.

It’s not clear what is causing the problem, but the symptom is obvious: when you first open Skype, the login phase never fully resolves itself. Instead, users find themselves stuck staring at the login window until they quit the app.

The problem does not seem to be hardware related, since Skype works fine under Windows if you load it up on a MacBook Air in boot camp. So it seems like this is a Mac-specific bug, and something about the Air is throwing Skype for a loop.

Luckily, the problem isn’t universal across all Skype for Mac builds: if you want working Skype on your new MacBook Air, it’s as simple a fix as rolling yourself back to Skype Let’s hope Skype or Apple gets to the bottom of this soon.

[via Ubergizmo]

  • raymond

    use the skype version :-) its works on my macbook air :-)