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Rayman Mini brings ant-sized, side-scrolling fun to Apple Arcade


Rayman Mini
Rayman Mini isn’t a quest for the hero’s arms and legs, though it could be.
Photo: Ubisoft

A new trailer shows off the fun of Rayman Mini, a new entry in this long-running series. This time, the hero with the floating hands and feet has been shrunk to the size of an insect.

Watch the trailer now:

More about Rayman Mini

Apple’s description for this game urges players to “Go on a colorful adventure with ant-sized hero Rayman Mini in this epic side-scroller.”

The Ubisoft title is available now, and is exclusively part of Apple Arcade, this company’s subscription gaming service. Getting access to it and dozens of others costs $4.99 a month, and games come without in-app purchases or ads.

This and all the other entries in this service are playable on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. A player’s game state jumps from device to device as they switch.

Ubisoft reportedly built in support for Xbox and PS4 controllers, though that isn’t noted on its entry in the App Store.