Amazon Prime Video mysteriously disappears from App Store [Update: It’s back]


Missing from App Store
For a while today, this was all you got if you tried to download the Amazon Prime Video app.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Update: The Amazon Prime Video app is back in the iOS App Store after mysteriously disappearing for much of the day. Why this high-profile app went missing for so much of the day remains unknown.

Whether its disappearance resulted from a simple glitch or some sort of quickly resolved dispute between Apple and Amazon isn’t yet clear.

In fact, the app’s disappearance apparently came as a surprise to Amazon. The company’s webpage devoted to the Prime Video app continued sending people to the App Store all day. However, for a while, that link just resulted in the note, “This app is currently not available in your country or region.”

This is the only way iOS and iPadOS users can watch movies and TV shows from Amazon’s streaming service. So there’s practically no way Amazon decided to stop offering it.

Anyone who already installed the Amazon Prime Video could still use it throughout the day. But new users could not download it.

Missing Amazon Prime Video app only a glitch?

It’s quite possible that the Amazon Prime Video disappearing from the App Store was just an error. But not necessarily (although its quick reappearance would bolster this theory).

Last year, Tumblr vanished from Apple’s software store just as mysteriously. Turns out it had been pulled because Apple found Tumblr aided in the spread of child pornography.

While something that extreme likely was not at issue with Amazon’s iPhone and iPad software, getting pulled down could have been a result of some kind of financial dispute between the huge online retailer and Apple.

Cult of Mac asked Apple for comment but has not yet heard back.

Via: Appleosophy